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Social Media Consulting
& Services

"Learning the difference between using social media and UTILIZING social media is all that separates you from other successful influencers"

                                               - Jasmine J 

Our Services

Our Services

We are here to help you at any stage of your social media marketing journey.

Learn Social Media Growth Strategies  

Learn the different tools, benefits, and growth strategies for different social media platforms such asTwitter, FB, Tiktok etc.

Learn Trends and Set Them

Learn about trending topics, sounds, and videos, how to post trending content and create your own viral content!

Understanding Social Media Analytics  

Learn what content your audience responds too and how to use these tools to grow your business.

​​Social Media Management 

I will help manage your social pages to keep up with your potential customers and prospects. 

Page Creation

If you are not sure where to start, I can help you learn how to create different social media pages and explain the different platforms.

Live Support

Schedule live “1on1” support sessions or send an email or text to receive  

quick responses about your social media questions.


“My favorite part of this journey has been the knowledge share and advice you give regarding social and how to create content.”

Senior Managing Director At Boisset

Ready to find out more?

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About Jasmine J

I may not be the kind of influencer you want to follow but I am one you’ll want to listen to. I’ve done it all.

Jasmine J AKA Wine Goddess (@ladeesseduvin) is a known Wine 🍷 influencer and brand ambassador with over 70k followers, she is also an actress, and sign commercial model for Voices and Models Agency. 

-My dream is to help other influencers find their niche and build a valuable network of other like minded entrepreneurs. 

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