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About Jasmine J 

60k+ on Tiktok

 4M+ views

5,000 Followers on Instagram
Authentic followers list contains world known and local celebrities ​

My Story

Once upon a time there was a girl named Jasmine. She grew up in a small town in Kansas where she graduated high school , got married , and became a stay at home mom. This did not fulfill Jasmine like she thought it would. She wanted…more…So she decided to go to college. Thinking that would satisfy the urge of wanting more. Suddenly, while in college, in an effort to better her situation for herself and her son, she would divorce and become a single mother. She did not let this stop her from chasing her goal of having more… and in May of 2020 during the Pandemic she would graduate with a B.A. in Communication from Ottawa University. However, the story did not end there… She still wanted more… While in college she learned that she wanted to become an influencer of some kind. So, during 2018 she and her best friend created a YouTube channel and podcast not having any idea of what challenges this would bring or how it would create revenue and with no knowledge of what kind of YouTuber or influencer she would want to become she remained determined to start a successful business by using social media due to the changing world of online businesses, COVID 19, and the potential the internet showed in how people exchange successful business transactions online.


After years of YouTube show failures, getting no views, and no Instagram engagement in April 2021 The Jasmine J YouTube channel posted a video and received over 9k views. Soon after, she would create a viral TikTok that received 1.1 m views. 


Now in 2022 with multiple viral videos, a growing Instagram following with real entertainers and followers, a signed commercial model, known Wine Influencer, businesses woman, and up and coming actress playing the lead role in “The Art Of Cheating” audio book, and web series “Confessions” The moral of the story. She did not give up. She tried everything and failed which allowed her to learn exactly what did and DID NOT work. 


She still wants more… but this time her mission…. “To help others not only grow their social media platforms but teach them how to become an actual influencer making money from their business and by leveraging their social media platform.”

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Jasmine Johnson
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